Meet Stephanie Chung

Based in Dallas, Stephanie is the President of JetSuite Inc, making her the first African-American president in private aviation. She is also an award-winning speaker and coach who first made a name for herself as the high-ticket sales closer.

Her speaking events are guided by her high-ticket pedigree, her deep education in the neuroscience of sales & leadership, and her history of being a trailblazing businesswoman. She believes in working smarter, celebrating success, and using all the research at your disposal to get the most of yourself & your organization.


Keynote Speaker

Leadership Expert

Sales & Leadership Author

Executive Coaching Guru

Media Personality

Growth-Minded Executive

Leader. Fighter. Survivor.

Stephanie’s passion for empowerment is derived from the challenges she’s overcome throughout her career. Beyond fighting to break the glass ceiling of aviation leadership, Stephanie is a breast cancer survivor. These experiences, combined with her dedication to bringing neuroscience into business, inform the content of her speaking engagements.

When not leading JetSuite or working to inspire America’s business leaders, Stephanie spends as much time with her family as possible. Her husband, Sam, is a constant source of support and her daughter, Brittany, is a constant source of pride.

Brands Who Trust Stephanie

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Revenue-Driving Leadership

The most inspiring leadership keynotes are born out of inspiring professional careers. Stephanie developed her trademark approach to speaking engagements over the course of her successful career, beginning with her very first sales job at age 25 with a $25M quota.

She has mastered the craft of growth-minded leadership. As an executive, Stephanie has not only turned companies around, but empowered them to reach new heights with results like 130% revenue growth, cash flow growth of 231%, and EBITDA scores increasing by 571%. 


    Stephanie led a private aviation sales team that beat their quota of almost $1B every year.


    Stephanie has 35 years of aviation experience, starting as a baggage handler and now as the first African American aviation company president.


    During her coaching career, Stephanie’s clients routinely achieved record production within 90 days.


    Stephanie is a former contributor to Inc. Magazine and can be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and more.

Using Neuroscience To Lead

Stephanie prides herself on bringing a fresh perspective to the crowded leadership speaking space. A lifelong learner, Stephanie is passionate about the science that drives corporate decision-making.

Working alongside the late Judith E. Glaser, creator of Conversational Intelligence®, Stephanie crafted Neuroscience Selling, a breakthrough training series that goes beyond sales psychology to uncover why individuals make business decisions. By embracing recent brain science advances in this way, she is giving her audience a unique & important edge in the modern marketplace.