Are You Satisfied With The Amount of Clients You Have?

If you are a coach  STOP giving out free advice to prospective new clients and START increasing your bottom line.


As a professional in your field looking to grow your client base, it can be all too easy to put large amounts of work into prospective client meetings.  You research, you plan, you present your thoughts and ideas only to be told, “We’ll review these materials and get back to you.” 

That’s LAME! 

You have value and work hard at what you do. Closing new clients and bringing in more business should be much simpler than most people make it. It takes little effort to get yourself in a position where you are closing deals left and right.

You don’t need pushy sales tactics or price slashing hail marys to get deals done.  

All you have to do is define a good foundation and stick to it! 

If you’re ready to get paid what you’re worth & stop wasting time with clients who are not serious, then this program is for you. 

You will discover a fresh perspective on professional advancement and personal development by implementing proven business tactics and strategies. Get ready to work smarter, not harder!

This program was designed for business owners, sales professionals, non-sales professionals, and anyone who needs to sell as part of their job.

Module 1: How to Sell to Your BuyerHTSMScover

  • Identify your perfect prospects and stay ahead of the competition by creating a reliable stream of qualified
    new leads, and turning them into repeat buyers.
  • Developing a mindset to stop “pitching” and start addressing your prospects’ pain points to position yourself as a trusted advisor they want to buy from time and time again.

Module 2: How to Close Your Buyer

  • Define a crystal clear roadmap of daily disciplines for yourself to close more sales and surpass your goals without having to burn the midnight oil.
  • Discover the right questions to ask, how to handle objections, and the 10 requirements to close a sale… including the one thing that most sales people forget.

Module 3: How to Communicate With Your Buyer

  • Gain a clear understanding of your buyer’s behavioral style so that you are able to effectively communicate and build trust and rapport to skyrocket your sales.

PLUS…Three group coaching call sessions with The High Ticket Sales Closer, Stephanie Chung (Value $3,500).


When you register now you will also get the LinkedIn Domination course and a FREE Disc assessment.

The first 7  will get a 1:1 Profit Activation Session with me!!




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