Neuroscience Selling™

Neuroscience Selling is a groundbreaking new approach to sales technique developed by Stephanie Chung in collaboration with Judith E. Glaser, creator of Conversational Intelligence®. Neuroscience Selling is an innovative combination of time-tested sales strategies and recent developments in neuroscience that work together to improve sales success dramatically. In an era where we all have unparalleled access to information, sales techniques based on guesses and hunches are no longer enough.

Here’s what we know from Conversational Intelligence: every conversation creates chemical cocktails that either open us up to higher levels of trust or close us to new ideas due to distrust and fright. What reaction are you eliciting from your prospects? How can you leverage modern brain science insights to alter the trajectory of these relationships? You’re about to find out.

What we delve into here is the world of sales conversation science, and it’s an exciting ride that we’re thrilled to share with you. You and your team will learn what’s going on in the brain of a buyer, how to use science to become a compelling sales storyteller, how to shift your influence positively, and a whole lot more. Here’s the deal, you already have access to the world’s most advanced supercomputer: your brain. Let’s unlock it’s full potential so you can close more effectively and more often.

Video Training Series

This is the place to start if you’re looking to go from good to great with brand new strategies you can implement today. The Neuroscience Selling video series takes you or your team on a journey into the brain of the buyer. Let’s be clear; this isn’t sales psychology. We know what’s going on in their mind, we can just ask them. What you’ll discover here is what’s going on in the physical brain that informs and influences their decision making.

The series explores how the brain chemically responds during the five stages of selling and delivers killer insights with Stephanie’s trademark sense of humor and positivity.

Most sales professionals and sale leaders are familiar with the traditionally taught strategies and may remember some brain science basics from school, but trust us when we say you’ve never seen those subjects combined quite like this. And rest assured, this isn’t a series coming straight out of a science textbook, Stephanie uses neuroscience as a framework to talk about critical areas of sales strategy like:

  • Effective Listening
  • Body Language
  • Building Trust
  • Uncovering the ‘True Need’
  • Closing the Sale
  • Presenting a Solution
  • Objection Handling
  • Sales Communication

Accompanying the video series are live calls scheduled periodically throughout the year. These exciting, entertaining calls build on the strategies established in the video series and hammer them home. Stephanie will be a part of each and every call, but she’ll also be pulling in exceptional talent from the worlds of business, military special forces, professional sports, mass media, and academia. This gives your team the opportunity to continue learning and receive ongoing support, while also having a chance to ask questions and get answers in real time. If you are passionate about your company’s continued growth after the video series, then start getting excited for lives calls with Stephanie and her guests.

Begin Neuroscience Selling Today To Start Making More Money Tomorrow.

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Stephanie Chung Speaking Events

As much as Stephanie loves creating video training and webinars, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Stephanie is passionate about delivering powerful, positive, and profoundly informative speaking engagements on the topic of Neuroscience Selling. Whether speaking at your next conference or your corporate retreat, we can’t wait to empower your team with the knowledge to grow their sales income to new heights.

From start to finish, these entertaining events provide the audience with the tools to build genuine trust through conversation more effectively than ever. As always, Stephanie focuses on long-term success and accountability. There are no smoke and mirrors; no teases for a more important lecture you have to spend more on; what you get from Stephanie are cold, hard facts about the brain of the buyer and how your team can use this insight to close more effectively than ever before. You also never have to worry about your audience leaving empty-handed. All Neuroscience Selling speaking engagements end with Stephanie providing access to a digital video brochure that serves as an even deeper dive into Neuroscience Selling. You can check out a preview of the video brochure here. It’s comprehensive enough to be an asset to your team members who didn’t even attend the event or conference and still delivers all the information in Stephanie’s signature style.

If you’re looking to entertain and educate your audience; look no further than Stephanie Chung and her Neuroscience Selling talk. You’re guaranteed to hear something you’ve never heard before.

Neuroscience Selling Workshops

So your team has gone through the video training, attended a speaking event at a conference, or both, and now you’re looking for something more hands-on. We’ve got you covered. Stephanie and her team offer half-day or full-day workshop sessions conducted on-site at your business where your sales team is observed, trained, and is given the opportunity to ask questions.

Stephanie’s workshops are the opposite of one size fits all, with each one completely customized to suit your team’s unique needs. Whether you’re trying to help your sales department course-correct, or you’re looking to make a good team great, these workshops are for you. Neuroscience Selling is the framework that’s used for each and every workshop, but it all starts with an honest discussion about your team’s pain points. From there, Stephanie and her team craft a game plan to help your team leap over the hurdles in their way and exceed all the sales goals you have in place.

The Neuroscience Selling Mastery Program

For businesses with sales teams serious about improving through innovation, we’re excited to offer the Neuroscience Selling Mastery Program. In sports, for every head coach, there are position-specific coaches. Why not have the same system for sales? For clients enrolled in the Mastery Program, Stephanie works hands-on with your sales team. Stephanie will coach, mentor, and hold each team member accountable to developing their sales muscles. Each individual coaching session is customized to strengthen their selling skills, grow their sales competencies, and of course master the art & science of the sales conversation. She works with your team as a whole and with each sales pro individually. One part coaching & one part education, your team will be challenged, have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive feedback on their technique in real time from the expert in the neuroscience of sales.

When it comes to neuroscience sales training, the phrase a rising tide raises all boats couldn’t be more accurate. An entire sales team working together towards the collective goal of understanding a new approach to selling yields the strongest results. Each member of the team strengthens the others with his or her unique perspective, and the ability to collaborate while learning the ins and outs of conversational intelligence pushes everyone over the top.

If you’re interested in helping your sales team soar (and who isn’t), we encourage you to reach out today and embark on a brain science journey with the Neuroscience Selling Mastery Program. Much like the workshops, the Mastery Program gets personalized to your company’s unique needs, and lasts 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the goals you’re trying to surpass and commitment your team wants to make. No matter what, the Mastery Program creates masters, and Stephanie Chung always guarantees that your return will be double your investment. You can take that to the bank.

Are you ready to truly get in the head of your prospects and leverage science to drive sales? The best-kept secret to closing deals is already at your disposal.

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