My Coaching Services

No one doubts that you know your industry inside and out, and your product knowledge goes on for miles. However, if you are finding that you are consistently struggling to close deals and hit your sales goals, you may benefit from a sales coach.

Every successful executive can cite a mentor who helped him or her bridge the gap from middle management to elite level leadership. Every profitable sales professional has benefitted from the guidance and training of an advisor to develop their selling technique to close bigger and better deals. Every prosperous business owner has relied on a trusted guide to make the jump from barely breaking even to successfully making profits.

If you are ready to discover a system from managing your time, team, and money, I encourage you to click here to take action today. I deliver these services according to your needs: one-on-one coaching, group sessions, video conferencing, training & workshops, and speaking engagements.

“I’ve been fortunate to have several established leaders and mentors throughout my career but hands down, Stephanie has been the most influential, truly motivating me to succeed and providing the necessary tools to do so. The systems that Stephanie uses for time and sales management are the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve integrated her programs into my own company and our performance and efficiency has never been better. Stephanie’s counsel has made me a more effective leader and I am fortunate to count her as an advisor and a friend.”

-Billy Thompson, President of Thompson Tee

My Approach

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and couldn’t possibly work any harder? Sadly, many entrepreneurs and sales professionals fall into a downward spiral of always playing “catch up” and hustling to close the next deal, when they really need to be focusing on their processes. Systems & accountability are the two biggest catalysts for change. What I do is simple. I show you how to achieve your goals faster by showing you how to put systems in place and keeping you accountable for them.

If you are ready to set real goals and define a clear path on how to reach them, then click here to get started! I’ll show you how to get clarity on your goals and needs, and together we’ll set your milestones. I’ll provide perspective, accountability, new concepts and tools. You’ll provide technical perspective on your industry, the desire for change, passion for your business and a commitment to success.

This is a common question. While I have worked across most industries, I certainly don’t have the depth of knowledge you have in your particular industry. That’s why I work with you, not for you. You provide the technical expertise; I provide perspective and accountability, along with best practices for business growth. The result is a business that grows in line with your goals, at your pace.

Coaching Designed For All Levels

Balance is the key to both a prosperous work life and a fulfilling personal life. Executives need to be armed with the optimal combination of time management skills to remain responsible and attentive to the needs of their employees, customers and their families. Ensuring you hire, manage and inspire top talent is key to your success and the company as a whole. You will learn how to properly delegate tasks, create a sense of purpose within your team and positively influence the performance of others. Most importantly, you will begin to perform at an exceptional level, benefitting your life, company and community.

“Converting leads into sales is far from a perfect science, but Stephanie has cracked the code. She knows the in’s and out’s of accurate sales conversion ratios and is a marvel at maximizing the profitability of complex and straight-forward deals.”

-Brenda Bernstein, From the Disney movie Million Dollar Arm

Having the knowledge and discipline necessary to build a profitable, competitive business has never been more challenging. As a business owner you have to wear many hats. The day-to-day operations can consume your life and become overwhelming, even for the most determined businessperson. I will challenge you to implement proven business concepts, strategy and tactics that generate and accelerate on-going growth and sustainability. You will have the tools to greatly increase your revenue, while having more time to enjoy your life.

Case Study:
Discover how Lori, a small business owner, expanded outside of her primary network and began selling to people she didn’t know.
Click here to read her story.

In order to be an effective leader, you need to have excellent leadership skills. Most likely, you accelerated to the role of a sales leader because you were an exceptional sales professional. I will empower you to make the mental and strategic shift from “sales professional” to “sales leader” by learning how to develop people, hold your team accountable and increase top line sales. You will master how to build your own reputation by utilizing the strengths of the team around you, and I will share my industry-tested mentoring best practices to augment the talents and trust of your direct reports.

Case Study: Discover how JetSuite saw a 30% increase in topline sales (and a more positive and confident sales team). Click here to read more.

As the saying goes, it’s not where you start but where you finish that matters most. I can show you how to get a client negotiation off the ground, nurture the agreement to the decision phase and, most importantly, close the deal. I will analyze your sales strengths and fill in any gaps you might have building new client relationships and growing relationships with current clients. And I will challenge you to break free of complacency of treating every client or negotiation the same way. Every lead will become a new and original opportunity to convert a lead into a sale and transform a one-time buyer into a consistent customer.

“I can’t say enough great things about Stephanie’s coaching skills. Stephanie knows how to mold raw talent into confident professionals. Stephanie has tremendous quality of character and her will to exceed expectations becomes contagious to the people around her.”

-Alexandre Monnier, President of Family Office Exchange

How You’ll Benefit

  • Increased Sales & Profits
  • Effective Team Building Skills
  • Useful Leadership Techniques
  • Practical Time Management Skills
  • Insightful Behavior Assessments
  • Profitable Business “Exit” Strategies
  • Improved Communication Skills
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Assessments are one of the most powerful tools to drive business, gain insight, greatly increase sales and give you that competitive edge

These comprehensive science-based assessments utilize analytics to provide in-depth understanding of your behaviors and motivators. Making these tools part of your business strategy will empower you to grow in the areas of: leadership, communication, operations, performance and productivity.
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