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Sales Coach is one of those titles that’s been watered down over the last few years. A great sales coach serves as a mentor who understands your goals, guides you on a clear path to reach them, and provides inspiration, tough love, and insight all along the way. If that’s what you’re looking for in a Sales Coach, then you should reach out today.

“I’ve been fortunate to have several established leaders and mentors throughout my career but hands down, Stephanie has been the most influential, truly motivating me to succeed and providing the necessary tools to do so. The systems that Stephanie uses for time and sales management are the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve integrated her programs into my own company and our performance and efficiency has never been better. Stephanie’s counsel has made me a more effective leader and I am fortunate to count her as an advisor and a friend.”

-Billy Thompson, President of Thompson Tee (As Seen On ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘)

Coaching Philosophy

In today’s market, hunches and gut feelings aren’t enough. Stephanie believes in understanding the science of the mind and how different communication strategies elicit different responses. The bedrock of Stephanie’s coaching approach is located at the intersection of science and emotion.
Now you know about the brain. So what? The next step is applying these neuroscience insights to your daily interactions. In practice, that means using brain science strategies to create higher quality connections between you and your prospects, your sales team, or your entire organization.
This is where Stephanie’s experience as a high-ticket closer comes into play. Using time-tested methods honed by Stephanie over the course of her 25 year sales career, coupled with your understanding of the science of selling, you’ll begin to close more deals, surpass more goals, and enjoy more success than ever.

All Levels, All Industries

The transition from sales pro to sales leader isn’t an easy one. We coach sales leaders to develop the leadership skills necessary to grow a strong team, hold them accountable, and increase top line sales. We guarantee that with our coaching, sales professionals will beg to be on your team. Case Study: Discover how JetSuite saw a 30% increase in topline sales (and a more positive and confident sales team). Click here to read more.
You’ve got a quota to beat, strategies to learn, and a lifestyle you want to achieve. We’ve been there. With Stephanie’s experience as an industry-leading high-ticket closer, you can trust you’re in the hands of a true sales mentor. We’re in the business of building million-dollar sales pros, and we don’t accept excuses along the way.
We empower small business owners with the knowledge and discipline to take their companies to the next level of success, while also employing sustainable business concepts that give you more time to actually enjoy your life.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Increased Sales & Profits
  • Effective Team Building Skills
  • Useful Leadership Techniques
  • Practical Time Management Skills
  • Insightful Behavior Assessments
  • Profitable Business “Exit” Strategies
  • Improved Communication Skills
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