Meet The Coach

So, you want to make $1M a year in sales? You want to be a sales leader people compete to work with? You want to be admired and make a real difference now that you’re in the C-Suite? You need Coach Stephanie Chung.

Based in Dallas, Stephanie and her team coach and train individuals and teams who have the drive to move up but need the expertise to get there. Backed by 25 years of experience at all levels within Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie’s pedigree as a proven high-ticket sales closer informs her decisions as a coach. She believes in working smarter, not harder, and using brain science and human emotion to close deals and drive revenue. Stephanie is an award winning:


  • High-Ticket Sales Closer
  • Sales Training Expert
  • Sales & Leadership Author
  • Executive Coaching Guru
  • Small Business Mentor
  • Inspiring Keynote Speaker

High-Ticket History

The most inspired coaching techniques are born out of inspiring professional careers. Stephanie developed her trademark coaching style over the course of her successful career, beginning with her first sales job at 25 with a $25M quota, all the way to her years as a leading high-ticket sales pro in numerous niche industries. She has mastered the craft of closing high-ticket sales and has cultivated some of the most highly paid, elite sales professionals in the world whose sales exceed $1 billion dollars and counting. Some of her accomplishments include: 

Stephanie led a private aviation sales team that beat their quota of almost $1B every year.
Stephanie ranked in the top 2% for an $11B cosmetics company.
Stephanie’s students achieve their record highest production months within 90 days.
Stephanie guarantees a 100% return on investment, or your money back.

Using Neuroscience to Sell

Stephanie Chung and her team are bringing a fresh perspective to a crowded sales coaching industry. A lifelong learner, Stephanie is passionate about the science that goes into decision-making and closing sales. Her fusion of time-tested sales techniques and modern decision-making neuroscience give her coaching an important edge in today’s marketplace.

Instead of offering science without skill or sales techniques with no proof, Stephanie Chung’s coaching brings together the data and the practical applications so you can get in the head of your prospects, make more meaningful connections, and close bigger deals more often than ever!

Certified Coaching

FocalPoint Business Coach

For decades, Brian Tracy and FocalPoint have been the top name in small business coaching, with over 250 offices worldwide. Stephanie is a FocalPoint Certified Coach, and won the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence, which is given annually to the world’s #1 FocalPoint business coach.


Marshall Goldsmith Coach

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized by Harvard & Forbes for coaching the greatest executives in business today. Stephanie is an Associate Coach for Dr. Goldsmith, and many of her clients are referred directly from his organization.